The Realtime Writer’s Manual

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A Commonsense Guide for Court Reporters

by Ed Varallo, RMR, CRR

Since it was first published in 1992, The Realtime Writer’s Manual has been a reliable guide for reporters who wish to develop a powerful personal dictionary, capable of meeting the demands of realtime translation. To be realtime capable requires us to make use of techniques that maximize the power of computerized translation to do the work for us and produce flawless translations. This book shows you how to do that. (Revised edition newly republished March 2013)



With The Realtime Writer's Manual, you’ll learn how to build a powerful personal dictionary so that you can accurately translate in real time thousands of words that aren’t in your dictionary! How? By understanding and applying the concept of prefixes and suffixes combined with root words and root stems. The word uncharacteristic is not in my dictionary, but its components are. It translates correctly because the root word is in my dictionary, plus the prefix and the suffix: un+character+istic = uncharacteristic. A root stem is the same thing as a root word, except it is not a standalone word by itself. The word insulate is not in my dictionary, but the root stem insul is, so a word like uninsulated translates perfectly: un+insul+ated.

There are nearly 50 prefixes and over 70 suffixes illustrated, along with root words and root stems. With these entries in your dictionary, you can now translate thousands of words that aren’t in it! It’s amazing!

Hundreds of sensible shortcuts are illustrated, to help streamline your writing in the most commonsense, easy-to-learn way. Every technique in this book I use myself.

This is the guidebook that will kick your realtime writing program into high gear!