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Listen to Ed’s one-hour seminar presentation, How to Pass a Test in Spite of Your Nerves.  It’s free!  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the test-taking secrets of NCRA’s six-time Speed Contest Champion, Ed Varallo.  (This is the presentation Ed made live at StenoFest 2019.)

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Become a Realtime Superstar
How I made my life easier 

Shorthand for the 21st century boils down to this: write short – write fast – write clean- do it all day!

To be truly realtime capable – able to turn out fast, accurate drafts and fast certified transcripts – we need to write smarter. We have to write fast, with clean notes, for hours on end – and then turn out a fast draft transcript on demand. Ed Varallo, six-time NCRA Speed Contest champion, will outline his systematic approach to writing shorthand which is designed to require less physical effort, produce better realtime output, and thus reduce editing/scoping time. Ed shares tips and techniques that will set you on the path to unleash the Realtime Superstar inside you!


“This past Saturday, 25 reporters at Jack W. Hunt & Associates, Inc. had a three-hour plus presentation by the legendary Ed Varallo.  It’s only 8am Monday, and I’ve had more unsolicited personal and emailed thank you’s from our reporters than any other type of educational program we’ve ever tried to put on.  If you own a firm and want to encourage your reporters to improve their skills, this investment should be a no-brainer.”

Kevin Hunt,  CEO if Jack W. Hunt & Associates

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Tools and techniques from six-time NCRA Speed Champion Ed Varallo. Essential resources for both new and experienced court reporters.


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How to Pass a Test in Spite of Your Nerves.


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Since it was first published in 1992, The Realtime Writer’s Manual has been a reliable guide for reporters who wish to develop a powerful personal dictionary, capable of meeting the demands of realtime translation. To be realtime capable requires us to make use of techniques that maximize the power of computerized translation to do the work for us and produce flawless translations. 

Ed Varallo, six-time NCRA Speed Contest Champion, reveals the tips and techniques you need to know to meet today’s marketplace demands in Ed’s Steno Pro. That means realtime competence — in every circumstance, every day. High-quality draft transcripts, done fast? Ed has figured out how each of us can write clean, realtime-ready notes every day, so draft transcripts on demand won’t faze you.


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