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Ed’s JobPrepSM

This unique program will save you valuable time in preparing for your next realtime assignment — or any job where you want to be ready and armed with job-specific vocabulary. Tired of scanning through 200pp transcripts, looking for the words and names and phrases you need to know to prepare effectively for tomorrow’s job?

Let JobPrepSM do it for you!

Upload transcripts or other documents, click the Analyze button, and in a couple of minutes JobPrep will output for you the words, and terms, and names, and acronyms you need to know so you can quickly prepare a job dictionary. Need to see a word or phrase in context? Just point and click!

Time is money. Save hours of your time, and be fully prepared. JobPrep can cost you as little as $2.00 per use!

5 tokens = $21.00
10 tokens = $29.00
25 tokens = $49.00 BEST VALUE!

Try JobPrepSM now for free.

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